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From the poplar plantations to the assembly of wooden boxes, from the design of the machines and the plastic moulds to their maintenance and improvement, from the printing to the assembly of our cardboard packaging, every step of the process is done in-house.

An atypical organisation that will give you the chance to rub shoulders with people doing a multitude of different jobs.

We know each other already

You may not realise it, but we know each other already. We are behind most of the products in your fridge. The famous blue box your Caprice des Dieux cheese is in? And your wooden Coeur de Lion camembert box? The Président butter tub? Yes, that’s all us!

As you will have gathered, we make packaging mainly for the food industry. It is a market that is more complex than you might think, one that is governed by a strict regulatory framework to ensure consumers are provided with safe, quality food products. Food packaging has multiple functions. First and foremost, it serves to protect the product, to preserve its texture, colour, flavour and odour unaltered. (Who doesn’t want to smell their camembert? ;)).

It also has to protect food against knocks and dust during transport and storage. It allows you to pick out your favourite brand thanks to its colours, graphics and wording.  And last, but not least, it is also there to inform you about the composition of the product.

And so you are wondering you have to do with all that…

Joining us means:

  • Taking part in designing the packaging of tomorrow
  • Working with teams with different skills (mechanical engineering, printing, assembly,…)
  • Joining a dynamic company that cares about its impact

There’s something for everyone

We have integrated all the activities involved in producing a packaging product into one in-house process. Which gives us an undeniable advantage when it comes to the quality of service we offer our customers, in terms of both expertise and advice and production responsiveness. And we are the only manufacturer on the market capable of making wooden, cardboard and plastic packaging. And now we’re even trying out cellulose!

All of which means we are able to offer a wide range of different jobs. On our production sites, our teams consist of operators responsible for their production lines, maintenance technicians who set, repair and service the machinery and quality assistants in charge of the traceability and compliance of the packaging products.

And if you’re open-minded and keen to progress, you’ll have the chance to do what most of our site managers have done: earn internal promotion!

In my job as an electromechanical technician, I combine my wiring skills and mechanical assembly skills to design tools and production machinery for the Group. My versatility is a real advantage in this job.



Electromechanical technician in Groupe Lacroix’s engineering shop

Working in sales admin means being the link between our customers, production and the support departments.  It’s hectic, but always rewarding!



Sales Admin Coordinator

You’ll enjoy working for us

There might not be table football and a mascot, but we do like to work in a friendly atmosphere. Even though we are a large international group of 1,500 people, our production sites are all modestly sized. The structure of our organisation and our roots as a family firm mean that everyone knows everyone, which facilitates collaboration.

And as Claire Lacroix, our managing director, says, “we are a serious company that doesn’t take itself too seriously!”

Because there is no place for discrimination in our firm, we have formalised our policies in an ethics charter. Everyone has equal opportunities here, according to their skills. And to get you off to a good start, we have an induction pathway adapted to your particular job.

Whether in training, career advancement or in the different posts, we apply an equal opportunities policy. For example, in production, all the roles are within everyone’s reach without difficulty. That’s also why year on year our engineering department upgrades our machinery to improve the ergonomics of the workstations in collaboration with the teams on the shopfloor.

Gender equality index – 2024

Transmission of skills is important

For 15 years already we have hosted trainees on sandwich courses and students on placements. Quality, production, engineering, sales, human resources: every department is involved.

Our concept of hosting trainees and placement students is to give them a real job to do, supporting them to complete tasks and gain autonomy whilst sharing our experience with them.

What we offer is more than just a placement – we offer you the chance to gain real experience in the field and become a true professional.


picto groupe lacroix

Joining a dynamic company with a diverse range of activities and jobs, where you will be able to progress in your career and receive relevant training.

Joining a family firm, a responsible employer where respect for everyone, regardless of gender, culture or age, is an everyday reality.