Our strategic departments

Customer satisfaction is a priority at the Groupe Lacroix.

From our customer service department which supports you directly to our Research & Development teams, discover how our strategic departments work together to keep offering you new packaging solutions.

Customer service


We make it a point of honour to meet your different requirements.

To do that, we have a sales team with the experience to deal with a market that requires in-depth technical expertise and the ability to adapt quickly to new technologies.

Personalised support

Our sales team provides the coordination between all the internal and external stakeholders, to guarantee that your requests are dealt with in good time.

You will always have the contact persons:  a sales rep and an assistant in the sales department. From your first contact with the company through to the delivery of your products, they will handle and monitor your order to develop a lasting, trust-based relationship.

We provide you with the services of an experienced sales team who can help you find the packaging solution that matches your needs. Your contacts will be on hand to answer all your questions and provide a personalised service.

With their expertise and in-depth knowledge of the market, they will be able to guide you in your choice of the most appropriate packaging for your product.

A longstanding partnership

We attach great importance to our teams working closely with yours, so that they can build a lasting relationship based on trust. Today that allows us to be flexible, responsive and to meet your specific needs, thanks to a precise knowledge of your market and how your company operates.

Over the last 26 years, we have built up a solid international network so that we can meet needs worldwide. Today we have 31 production sites in 11 different countries placing us close to your production sites.

Each of these sites has a dedicated team of professionals proficient in the local language and familiar with the specific sphere of activity. That allows us to provide personalised contacts and to guarantee smooth communication to support you throughout the manufacturing process.

Research & Development


Our Research & Development team is made up of specialists with expert knowledge of the specific features of your food products, but also of the latest technologies on the packaging market.

They are curious, passionate about what they and every ready to put their expertise to work for you, designing your packaging for the future.

Challenges and laws

The packaging market is brimming with new challenges. Faced with all the new regulations and latest trends on the functionality and design front, our R&D department is skilled at adapting day to day to meet your requirements.

Our experts work to provide innovative, environmentally friendly solutions that involve reducing the amount of materials used or developing monomaterial packaging.

They also work closely with our engineering departments to design new production equipment, in line with recent developments and the new laws that you have to comply with.

Making our mark with custom packaging

There can be several objectives behind these developments. Firstly, the wish to develop new food packaging solutions to follow the trends on the market.

Secondly, to meet your specific requests, working with the sales team, to produce a packaging solution for you with a material that matches your needs, using the most efficient manufacturing technology.

The aim being for your packaging to be unique, innovative and high quality!



The quality department is responsible for the quality of your products, but that’s not all.

Standards, regulations, certifications, traceability, food safety and the work environment also fall within their remit.

Supplying safe, healthy products to the consumer

To provide you with healthy packaging and guarantee the safety of the end consumer, our quality department has a duty to ensure compliance with the food safety standards and the traceability of the packaging on all our production sites.

To do that, procedures are in place requiring all the workers in or production units to wear overalls, mobcap and safety shoes.

The quality department carries out internal audits to check that our sites are irreproachable at all times. In fact, each site has a contact person, who is always present, who is in charge of identifying and anticipating customers’ needs.

Furthermore, we pay very particular attention to the need to comply with your regulations on the preservation of food products, guaranteeing their traceability all through the manufacturing process.

International certifications

Our commitment to food safety means our practices are constantly kept up to date, and we are now rolling out FSSC 22000 certification internationally.

This certification is an essential part of the system of guaranteeing the food safety of your products and is totally in line with the ISO 9000 international series of standards. The department is also involved in managing environmental certifications so that we can meet your new requirements on eco-responsibility.

The materials that we use now have several such certifications, like PEFC for wood, FSC® for cardboard, ISCC and Operation Clean Sweep plastic and Imprim’vert for our printing shops.