Ice cream, coulis, ready meals…

We are well aware that ice cream and frozen products have unique requirements and we work hard to create reliable packaging solutions that withstand the cold and meet your food safety standards. The wide range we offer means you can choose a packaging product that is ergonomic and practical to use.

Our packaging meets the specific requirements of ice cream and frozen products. Our solutions are made from materials capable of withstanding frozen food temperatures.

You have a choice between 3 main materials for your containers, which are available in versions adapted to your business. When it comes to size and type of container, the choice is endless, ranging from cardboard and wooden trays for frozen fruit to plastic or cardboard tubs and pots for ice cream, not forgetting the cardboard boxes to place your products in and variety of lids to ensure they are effectively protected.

The professional’s advice

To help you, we have selected some tried and tested packaging.

Plastic packaging

Freezer trays

Not even afraid of the cold!
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Cardboard packaging

Thermo-folded cardboard tray

A tray that’s truly in its element!
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