Our packaging

With nearly 80 years in business and three successive generations, we have gradually developed our know-how and acquired in-depth knowledge of the packaging sector. Backed by this expertise and knowledge of the sector, our teams work together every day to design packaging that meets your expectations.

Functions of food packaging

The main purpose of food packaging is to prolong the product’s shelf life. Effective packaging preserves freshness and quality and guarantees food safety.

It is also the ideal medium for communicating with your customers, to provide them with the essential information on the product, such as storage conditions, composition and use-by date.

The choice of your packaging is an important step before you launch your product on the market. That’s why our sales teams are here to support you in your search for the ideal packaging for your product.

Specialised expertise and an in-depth understanding of the industry

We understand that every market, and the food industry more than most, has its own requirements and unique challenges. Whether it is for fresh or chilled products, frozen foods or dry goods, our packaging is designed to meet your exact needs.

Over our 80 years of existence, we have worked with our customers to improve our packaging and our manufacturing methods, to take account of new trends and regulations. This continuous collaboration has enabled us to provide quality products that keep pace with the changing needs of the market. Our aim is to create lasting partnerships with our customers, based on trust and innovation.

A vast selection of packaging solutions for your every need

Discover our standard packaging range, which comprises over 170 products we can customise to your graphic charter. Add your company logo, insert your texts and choose your colours to match your brand identity. Create a unique, tailored packaging solution in your company’s colours.

We offer a huge range of standard packaging items suitable for a variety of products, in a diverse range of materials, shapes, sizes, capacities and other features.

If you still can’t find the right solution for your product, or if you want to opt for something more exclusive, our custom packaging solutions are what you need.  Working closely with our Research & Development team, we can design packaging that meets your exact requirements in terms of durability, practicality and food safety.