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Our line of business? Designing and manufacturing food packaging
adapted to your line of business and your products.

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Manufacturing packaging
for all your food needs.

Our strategy is focused on controlling the entire manufacturing process of our packaging. Our aim is to guarantee our customers irreproachable quality and constant innovation. A whole range of food contact safe products

Choosing the material for your packaging

Our expertise across a range of materials allows us to offer you food preservation packaging for your products. Solutions that meet all the criteria for food packaging. Discover our materials and all their advantages!
Original, natural packaging !
Lightweight, creative packaging !
A recyclable technical solution !
The newest addition to the range of options !

Constant efforts to limit impacts

In the Groupe Lacroix, acting responsibly and ethically is at the heart of everything we do. We have been committed to a sustainable approach from the outset.
From eco-designing our packaging to optimising resources, CSR is seen by our teams as driving innovation.

Packaging adapted to your products

Our R&D and production departments work together to produce eco-designed packaging that protects and enhances your products. Over the years, we have pushed the boundaries of innovation to develop packaging products that have become standards in our ranges.


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We can work together with you to find a solution that is innovative, practical and creative.

We are a multidisciplinary manufacturer with integrated departments

Our control of the entire production process and the expertise of our teams means we have ability to offer customers a customised service.

We remain at the forefront of innovation to create packaging tailored to your needs

Our ranges are the result of years of research and experience. Our development teams and our sales departments work with customers on eco-designed packaging. Recyclability, reduced use of raw materials, new technologies, new materials: these are all areas that have long been and still are the focus of our developments today.


Who are we?

The story began in 1946 in France, in a mountain village in the Jura, which at the time was the capital of the wooden cheese box. Today, the Groupe Lacroix manufactures wooden, cardboard and plastic packaging for the food industry.

To be as close as possible to our customers, we have 31 production sites in 11 countries.


We are recruiting

From the poplar plantations to the wooden boxes, from the design of the machines and the plastic moulds to their maintenance and improvement, from the printing to the assembly of our cardboard packaging, every step of the process is done in-house.

An atypical organisation that will give you the chance to rub shoulders with people doing a multitude of different jobs. Like the idea of joining our teams to help produce innovative, different packaging?

We work together

Groupe Lacroix News

The Groupe Lacroix gave me the opportunity to join the Bois d’Amont head office during my 5-month work placement to develop my skills.