Our integrated services

At Lacroix Emballages, we are fortunate to have the benefit of staff with expertise in several fields.

Whether it is on the engineering, quality or R&D side or in production, it is the individual contributions of all our employees that make for such a rich range of skills in the group. Find out more about the jobs our staff do as they work to offer you unique and customised packaging solutions.

Our strategic departments

Customer satisfaction is a priority at the Groupe Lacroix.

From our customer service department which supports you directly to our Research & Development teams, discover how our strategic departments work together to keep offering you new packaging solutions.

Our operational departments

At Lacroix Emballages, our operational departments are spread around a number of different sites in France, and their skills and know-how form the core of our business.

Discover how our engineering experts, our creative printing shops and our sustainable poplar plantations contribute to producing quality packaging that combines high tech, creativity and environmental commitment.