Cellulose, a new material


The newest addition to the range of options

As an alternative to or combined with other materials, cellulose pulp is the latest thing!

A challenge to meet

As experts in three materials already, wood, cardboard and plastic, embarking on the adventure of cellulose food packaging was a challenge that our teams could not pass by! Drawing on the know-how available in our different departments, trials began in 2021. The teams in France and Canada have been working hard since then. Getting to know cellulose pulp, choosing the right technology to process it, investing in the machines, training the project teams, launching the first fabrication runs, making adjustments and trying again. It’s not all plain sailing, but being able to draw on everyone’s experience in their particular field has been an advantage in this major undertaking.

Our moulded fibre packaging solutions are made from renewable resources. Whether it is for the agri-food industry or catering and food services, the pulp used is always suitable for direct food contact. It is a solution for consumers who are looking for alternatives to packaging made from petroleum-based materials. Sometimes a liner is necessary, but it still constitutes a much smaller proportion of the packaging materials than in other solutions on the market and it does not affect the recyclability of the container.

Moulded fibre packaging is entirely recyclable and can go directly into the cardboard recycling stream.

We have turned to cellulose pulp as it offers a perfect combination of the recyclability of cardboard with the technical advantages of plastic. For packaging in various shapes. And in addition it is more environmentally friendly.



Sales manager

Custom and customisable packaging

As for our other materials, we are able to offer you a range of solutions made or adapted to your specifications. Depending on the specific requirements of your products, we will be able to guide you through the options:

The size you need

Our sales and R&D teams will take account of your requirements and offer you a solution suited to your product and your production lines. Our moulded fibre packaging solutions are available in several shapes – round, square, oval or other.

Open or closed!

With or without lids, our pulp packaging solutions can also be sealed with lidding film for better protection.

Food safe

Depending on the characteristics and storage time of your products, our teams will be able to suggest appropriate solutions to ensure your packaging fulfils its barrier functions, to block water, grease, light or oxygen.

It’s up to you

Our products come in neutral versions, for a natural, raw look, or decorated. They can be customised to highlight your brand in line with your graphic charter and the type of product.

For mass catering or the agri-food industry

Cellulose packaging offers countless possibilities to meet your needs. Whether it is to package butter, cheese, ready meals, ice cream or to transport pre-packed salads, it lends itself to a multitude of uses. Available in several shapes and sizes, this type of packaging easily adjusts to the characteristics of your products, offering a practical solution for both mass catering and the agri-food industry.