Wood, a natural material


Authentic packaging

Wood is where we started out and over the years we have perfected our production techniques. Today, this remains a material that can’t be ignored in the food packaging sector thanks to its unique conservation properties and its low environmental impact.

Today, wood is still a must in the cheese packaging sector, thanks to its natural image and unique conservation properties. Its low environmental impact also makes it attractive for more contemporary applications such as ready meals.

Manufacturer of wooden trays and boxes made in Europe

This renewable natural material offers the possibility of making quality packaging for your food and non-food products. The wood we use for our packaging comes from our own poplar plantations in France, and every stage in the production process takes place in-house. Our wooden packaging manufacturing process includes 4 main techniques. whose use will be adapted to your specific product:

  • Stapling
  • Gluing
  • Thermoforming
  • Heat bonding

Our production lines can mass produce in runs from 20,000 units, entirely customisable in terms of shape, size and decoration.

The wooden boxes, trays, plates and rings can be combined with other material to form a complex or lined with baking paper to meet technical or aesthetic requirements. Our wooden packaging can be decorated by pad printing or pyrography to customise your products.

For cheese, fruit and vegetables, ready meals, ice cream…

Packaging used in the food industry has to comply with numerous health and safety rules. Our wooden packaging/containers can do all of that :

  • Attractively present your fruit and vegetables
  • Package your cheese
  • Heat up your ready meals
  • Protect your products in the freezer

Some of our wooden packaging is specially designed for cooking or heating up food in a conventional or microwave oven. They can withstand heat of up to 200°C, making them ideal for cooking and au gratin dishes or melting cheese.

A natural touch appreciated by manufacturers and consumers

Wood is always popular because of its natural, environmentally friendly side.

This type of material is an integral part of our environmental approach.

Our packaging is industrially compostable, in line with standard EN 13432. In addition, we use wood from sustainably managed forests (PEFC-certified).

A low carbon footprint

The wood used for our packaging is PEFC certified. It comes from our sustainably managed, PEFC-certified poplar groves. Located in Burgundy France Comté, they are close to our peeling sites. This is where the logs are transformed into thin sheets of wood. These sheets are then cut and glued to make targes (the side of wooden boxes), box bottoms or tray skeletons.

0.30g CO2 equivalent
per gram of material processed.

Carbon footprint of our wood business

Specialists in custom packaging

We offer a large range of packaging items which have become standards over time. For specific requirements, you can contact our R&D department, who will discuss your needs and propose:

Innovative packaging solutions

Ideas for unique containers

Practical solutions that will work on your production lines

Contact us to know more !