Custom packaging

Find out more about how we can provide you with personalised support for your custom packaging projects, through the four main areas where Lacroix Group focuses its efforts.

Environmental concerns always a priority

By taking all the environmental criteria on board as soon as we start work on the design of our packaging, we can implement our commitment to reduce raw materials and energy consumption.

We are constantly looking for new ways to innovate and we work hard to design packaging that uses less material whilst maintaining the properties essential to package your product properly.

As part of our environmental approach, we create eco-designed packaging from recycled materials.

We give precedence to monomaterial designs in order to facilitate the recycling process. When mixed solutions are used, we do what we ensure that they are easily separable so that they still be recycled.

Creating unique packaging that ties in with your brand image

The packaging is the first interaction you customer has with your product. That’s why we make it our business to create packaging that immediately conveys your image whilst preserving the quality and rendering its contents as attractive as possible.

Custom packaging allows you to stand out from the competition, by creating a unique experience for your customers. The ergonomics of the packaging is designed to suit everyone and make the user experience more pleasant. In addition, creating a custom packaging solution will boost you customer awareness by making your brand all the more recognisable. It also optimises customer satisfaction by improving the functionality of the packaging (preservation of the quality of the end product, better protection during transport, etc.).

By opting for our custom solutions, you will have packaging that is unique to you, that conveys your brand image and maximises the impact of your product on its market.

A multitude of solutions to put your products at their best advantage

Our sales team are on hand to help you all the way through the process of manufacturing your packaging. Together, we will select the material perfectly suited to the particularities of your product, in order to create a packaging solution that preserves it and shows it to its best advantage.

You will be able to explain your specific needs in terms of features such as water resistance, sealing and the preservation of the product (cooking, freezing, etc.) to create the packaging that is right for you.

All the time we are dealing with your enquiry, we will place the emphasis on understanding and taking account of the properties and essential functions of your product.

Deep-rooted know-how that allows us to adapt to your needs  

Our teams’ expertise in a wide range of areas means that we are in control in-house of the entire production process.

From the design of the moulds to your specific requests, and including the printing of your decorations, we can offer innumerable possibilities to tailor your custom packaging to your wishes. Depending on your needs, our sales team will advise on the choice of material to showcase, cook or freeze your food products.

In parallel, our Research & Development team will get busy designing and working on a packaging solution adapted to your product. A creative, one-of-a-kind packaging solution that will extend your products’ use-by date. We also carry out full-scale tests, including on your production lines, to make sure that our solutions fit into your processes and that they meet the specifications decided.

Protecting your product while enhancing your brand image on the market is our daily commitment!