Cardboard, a creative material


Lightweight packaging

Our lightweight, durable custom cardboard packaging products offer you the perfect solution to showcase your products. Thanks to this versatile material, we can offer unique packaging, shaped and printed to reflect your company’s image.

A recyclable material, cardboard also allows you to offer your products in responsible packaging by using FSC®-certified cardboard. Whether you’re a cheese maker, delicatessen chef, caterer or market gardener, our cardboard packaging can be adapted to the essential needs of your food.

Manufacturing cardboard boxes and trays for professionals

From printing to assembly, we master every stage in the manufacture of our cardboard packaging. Round, oval or square boxes, cases, trays, trays, many formats are possible. To produce our packaging, we use cardboard of different grades. We select the quality of board according to your criteria and the characteristics of your food products. Weight, size, humidity and usage patterns enable us to define the grammage, rigidity and functions of the board required for your packaging.

Our factories use different techniques:

  • Crimping
  • Gluing
  • Press forming
  • Thermoforming
  • Folding and gluing

A container for everyone: cheese-makers, caterers, bakers, confectioners…

The great advantage of cardboard packaging is that it can adapt to any of the food trades. It can come in different formats (shapes, sizes). Our food trays and punnets are used for all kinds of produce and foods:




Cold meats

The right packaging for your use

We offer different ranges of cardboard food packaging, one of which is bound to be suited to your uses. These packaging solutions are ideal and can be adapted to the characteristics of the end product thanks to our production techniques.

Greaseproof cardboard packaging, crimped cardboard boxes that can be decorated by offset printing, or trays specially designed for cooking offer plenty of scope to find the best solution.

See our standard ranges and contact our sales department for custom packaging.

Recyclable packaging

Cardboard allows plenty of room for creativity in shaping and cutting to customise boxes, trays and cartons. To meet the technical requirements of the packaging and to preserve foodstuffs, we use different grades of cardboard: virgin or recycled fibre, different thicknesses, grammages, treatments (water, grease), etc. These cardboards are recyclable and contribute to the circular economy.

Our cardboard packaging is printed on our sites in France and Europe. In line with our CSR model, our printing shops are Imprim’Vert and FSC-certified, which allows the use of FSC cardboards.

2.27g CO2 equivalent per gram of converted material.

Carbon footprint of the cardboard business