green ecology

We limit the impact of our packaging on the environment

The environmental approach of our group is reflected by constant efforts to limit our impact on the environment by optimising both production methods and the products themselves.


To reduce the carbon footprint of our products:

  • We limit transportation thanks to a multi-site implementation which brings us closer to our markets and clients
  • Some of our sites, such as the Cousance wood peeling facility, certified to ISO 14001, are energy self-sufficient thanks to recycling of waste
  • We practise a sustainable management of waste throughout all stages of production


 For more environmentally friendly packaging:

  • Wood 

    • The wood we use is from sustainably managed forests and controlled sources (PEFC label)
    • Our wooden packaging is industrially compostable according to EN13432 standard
  • Cardboard

    • Our European printing plants are FSC®-certified to enable the processing of cardboard from controlled and responsibly sourced resources 
    • Our French printing presses are labelled Imprim’Vert® (non-toxic inks, waste management)
  • Plastic
    • Our french In-mold plants are ISCC Plus certified, which allows to produce packaging with circular or bio circular PP. 
International sustainibility & carbon certification
  • Recyclability

    • We manufacture from recycled materials (plastic granulates, recycled cardboard) whenever the intended use of the packaging permits
    • Our cardboard and polypropylene packaging is recyclable
  • R&D

    • Our R&D department is constantly working to reduce the weight of packaging we design.