cardboard meelted cheese boxes
Our cardboard
As with wood, our manufacturing tool for cardboard packaging is suitable for series of more than 20,000 units. We design for all the agri-food sectors, especially the cheese industry, but also for the non-food sector.

Our factories manufacture according to five techniques: – Crimping – Gluing – Embossing – Thermoforming – Folding-gluing.

Cardboard allows for a variety of creativity in terms of shapes, cutting and customisation for boxes, punnets and cases, in particular thanks to our expertise in offset printing.

To meet technical and conservation requirements, we use several different qualities of cardboard such as virgin or recycled fibres with or without plastic coating or with greaseproof treatment.

Some of our cardboard packaging is specially designed for cooking or reheating in traditional ovens or microwave ovens.

Discover our standard ranges, and contact our sales department for tailor-made packaging.