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We control the entire production chain of your plastic packaging from design to the realisation of moulds, printing in mould labels (IML) to the injection or thermoforming plastic containers. This guarantees our clients flexibility and leeway in terms of delivery times.

Our design offices in France and in North America work with you to develop innovative packaging, tailored to your needs through thin wall injection or thermoforming. They focus on reducing the thickness of containers to minimize the ecological impact while maintaining all their technical qualities. All our mono-material packaging (PP, PS, PET) is recyclable. 

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 – Injection: This technique allows the production of units with complex shapes, or units that are sealable or tamper evident, optimised in terms of logistics and wall thickness. Thanks to our technical expertise, we can offer you two-colour units with distribution flaps, hinged lids or spoons or forks integrated with lids.

 Through the use of suitable resins, our packaging can be used to wrap various food products such as ice cream, dairy products, meat products, salads … Our packaging is resistant to freezing, deep-freezing, reheating in a microwave oven, hot-filling and sterilisation and pasteurisation.

Our containers are customisable through the use of different dyes and the addition of IML printed by us.

– Thermoforming: Several families of plastic are used: PP, PET, PS. To optimise shelf life, our tubs can be multi-layered with the addition of an oxygen (EVOH) or light barrier.

-Co-injection: this new technology makes it possible to propose packaging with oxygen or light barrier by adding EVOH or a black central layer while retaining the advantages of injection and in particular decoration by IML.

Our thermoformed packaging is customisable by adding a sticker or dry offset printing.

 Thanks to decoration, we have a wide range of customisable generic packaging. We already regularly work on tailor-made packaging for our clients.